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History / Mission

We are a group of people moved by a common passion for dental implants and mechanics. The group combines remarkable expertise and a vision for the future, in an industry where everyone claims to be a leader, we do not make bold statements, but we work to get the highest possible quality, because we want our customers to be the judges of our products and services.
We are ambitious, we want to keep growing with our customers, trying to be a valuable and reliable partner.This is why all those who partake in the large Profile1 family are pushed by the same enthusiasm and care for details, because high production technology and a capillary sales network alone are not sufficient. The best companies are made of skilled and motivated people and at Profile1 we know it well.

How can we support the professionalism of our people, who work every day in our production facilities?Simply by providing them with the most advanced technology and a steady technical training.Our machining department houses 16 Swiss-type lathes (Tornos, Citizen and Hanwha) as well as a Willemin Macodel machining centre, which allows manufacturing all types of pre-angled abutments, Multi Unit Abutments and other remarkably complex devices.
The post-manufacture finishing department is equipped with magnetic tumblers to clean and polish the devices. The testing department uses very high precision optical and mechanical devices; the tolerance of our instruments is 0.002 mm (2 micron).
Decontamination and single packaging operations are performed in a ISO6 Clean Room. In order to ensure the safety and traceability of our Devices, we monitor all manufacturing phases in real time thanks to a new generation software that records all data using barcode scans.

Profile1 Produzioni Impianti Sede
Profile1 Produzioni Impianti Dentali Sala Corsi
Profile1 Produzioni Impianti Dentali Uffici
Profile1 Produzioni Impianti Dentali Macchina Storica
Profile1 Produzioni Impianti Dentali Macchina Macodel 01
Profile1 Produzioni Impianti Dentali Macchina Macodel

How can we meet the needs of our customers?Certainly with an accurate service and a technical support based on clinical trials and expertise, to help practitioners simplify their job. 

The Profile1 System comes from an idea by Giorgio Grassi, who started dealing with implants at the age of 17.Since then (mid Sixties) he has spent most of his professional time designing and conceiving implant systems used by the pioneers of the time, working with many companies as an external consultant and producing devices with his own brand, also in the field of orthopaedics. During the years more than one million implants designed by his pencil have been produced.From this passion, clinical expertise and mechanical prowess come the four Profile1® implant systems.Each has different features and is designed to adapt to any type of clinical case, regardless of its complexity. DeepNeck, P129, P1Mini, P1Evo were completely renovated, to be even more effective and simple to use.

Now, with the new designing of the 4 Profile1 Systems I believe I have expressed everything
I have learnt over the years, in which I had to do my best to solve all those small and big problems a surgeon must face daily. Especially when it comes to designing the DeepNeck line,
I tried to get the most both in terms of the connection and in redesigning the thread profiles in order to improve their performance.
Moreover, I focused extensively on the quality and cutting profile of the reamers, which now allow a much easier use both at 50 and at 700/800 rpm.
But these characteristics are found not only in DeepNeck, but also in the other 3 lines, namely:P129, P1Mini and P1Evo.

Giorgio Grassi

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