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Over the years Profile1 has featured in a wealth of articles and scientific publications; following is an account of our success as reported in print.Product families and relevant trials and experimentations. Scientific documentation.

NOTE.This list EXCLUSIVELY reports completed trials, not those that are currently under way

Different titanium surface treatment influences human mandibular osteoblast response

The trial was carried out to observe using an electronic microscope the osseointegration ability of 6 different treatments applied to as many titanium discs using osteoblasts (machined SS titanium, plasma spray TPS titanium, corundum C100 sandblasted + acid treatment, corundum C150 sandblasted + acid treatment, zirconium dioxide B60 sandblasted + acid treatment, zirconium dioxide B120 sandblasted + acid treatment).

Biological fixation of endosseous implants

The trial was carried out to assess the evolution (1h, 14 days, 90 days after implant insertion) of tissues and bone remodelling in terms of biological fixation.The trial was carried out using implants with different surfaces (machined STi titanium, plasma spray TPS titanium, sandblasted).

Mechanical tests on Profile1 dental implants

The goal of mechanical testing is to experimentally determine static and fatigue mechanical resistance of dental implants assembled with pre-angled abutments.
Moreover, torsion resistance of the through screw and the implant+mounting assembly has been considered with static testing until system collapse.

The comparative analysis of primary contact

The trial was carried out to assess how implant geometry affects the contact surface and, consequently, osseointegration.More specifically, two different profiles were analysed (narrow pitch and wide pitch).The trial shows that both profiles have suitable osseointegration capacity.

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