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Designed with the aim of fulfilling, with its extremely reduced diameter, all prosthetic requirements in total safety and with the same level of reliability as larger implants. To obtain this level of performance, we have produced P129 with a grade 5 titanium alloy which is significantly more resistant than the grade 4 titanium usually used in the production of dental implants. We have also created the prosthetic connection on the exterior, an octagonal element that will not weaken the inner core.

The P129 implant is equipped with a mounter screwed in with through screws. This mounter that supports the implant, is inserted by friction in the in Peek container, inside the sterile package. This assembly Device, produced in grade 5 titanium, can also be used as a re-positionable twist transfer and as a prosthetic abutment.

The prosthetic components making up this product, which can truly be defined as a Mini-System, are able to resolve most of the implant projects, both fixed and mobile. As well as the temporary abutment/mounter (included in the pack), there are castable elements for rotating parts and for mono-implants, a pre-angled abutment (that can be milled) for disparallelism from 10° to 30°, Donut® connections with metallic matrices and caps with different hardnesses. The peculiarity of all these components is their implant-supporting geometry, conometric to 40° to improve stability and prevent unscrewing.

The extremely simple surgical protocol, as well as the use of a rounger (first surgical step), also foresees the use of a single calibrated cutter, while the use of a tapper is not required. Screwing can be carried out using either a dental implant wrench or dynamometric ratchet wrench (calibrated between 35 and 50 Ncm)..

Codice Ø (mm) L (mm)
P1RT30080 2.9 8
P1RT30100 2.9 10
P1RT30120 2.9 12
P1RT30140 2.9 14

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    The line consists of a series of Biphasic implants that are designed to remedy aesthetic problems owing to reduced gum thickness and/or the excessive inclination of the inserted implants.

    Such implants are also indispensable when one wants to make an immediate temporary screwed implant



    Designed to have the same features of stability and load as larger implants, all contained in a diameter of just 2.90 mm. With a very simple surgical procedure, it is the ideal implant with which to familiarise yourself safely with the Profile1® family.



    The Profile1® Mini line consists of a series of monoblock implants of extremely small diameters (2 mm, 2.4 mm and 2.5 mm) for immediate loading (preferably temporary), which can be used as supports for mobile prostheses.



    A line of standard-sized monoblock implants (from 3.00 mm to 5.00 mm) that has been designed with a “switch platform” type of rising shape.

    These implants have a prosthetic abutment that can be adjusted, with in situ milling, according to the various aesthetic needs. They can be immediately cemented or used as electro-soldered prostheses.


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